Managing Stress While in School

Students know how stressful it is to balance their schoolwork, social activities, family and sometimes even work. If it is not the intense workloads, then it is the tighter schedule. No matter how committed you are to your studies, there comes a time when your body may start to break down. What does this tell you? It means you are going through stressful situations that should be tackled with care.


What are the reasons behind your stress?

You may have noticed how irritable you are becoming because you are undergoing some type of stress. College students are more likely to encounter stress due to the extensive nature of their study program. The truth is, you should only study in a healthy environment if your state of mind is at ease.


What are the common indicators of stress?

It is typical for everyone, to get stressed due to the unpredictable nature of life. You should be concerned when stress escalates. You may have a loss of appetite or unpredictable mood swings. Maybe you keep getting sick, see a decrease in your energy level or your anxiety is extremely high. Whatever the indicators or symptoms you’re experiencing, there are ways to reduce stress or possibly even eliminate it altogether. It will take some work and a change of routine, but trust that your body will thank you in the long run. Here are a few things to get you started on managing your stress while in school.

  1. Time management
  2. Eat well, rest and exercise
  3. Channel your stress
  4. Journal



1. Time Management

Time management is so important. You must get organized. There are plenty of ways to get organized, but you can always start by getting your planner out at the beginning of each week and writing down everything that needs to be completed. Schedule out time for classes, studying, family, work, friends and most importantly, yourself. Then before bed each night, look at your planner. See what adjustments need to be made, what didn’t get done, what needs to move to the next day, etc. Find a system that works for you.


2. Eat Well, Rest and Exercise

The body has an interesting way of sending feedback. When you eat healthy, you are providing the nutrients your body needs to fight the stress you’re experiencing. Severe exhaustion is a hindrance to your academic success. You cannot concentrate on your studies if you do not have enough hours of sleep. You don’t have to sleep for 8 hours. Some people thrive on 6.5 or 7 hours. Figure out what works for you. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Yoga, running or walking produces those feel-good chemicals (endorphins) that are natural painkillers, which will improve your sleep, and in turn, reduce stress. When you eat well, get the proper amount of sleep and exercise, your body will respond positively. Find a good routine that is easy to stick to. This will make your life easier.


3. Channel Your Stress

Finding out what makes you stressed is the best way of managing. It gets better when you can find a place where you can channel it. One way to do this is to find a hobby. Be it playing a musical instrument, painting, reading novels, drawing or playing sports, channeling your stress can help put your mind at ease.


4. Journal

Sometimes the best way to manage the stress is to just write it down. Set a timer, put your phone on airplane mode, sit down for 15-20 minutes and write. It doesn’t have to be what you’re stressed about. Just write. Eventually, your mind will start racing and you’ll be able to put it all out on paper. Maybe you’ll figure something out about yourself that you never knew.


Managing Your Stress While in School

These methods may seem futile because individuals are different. But trying something new may be the answer to what you’ve been looking for. When the worst happens, counseling sessions can come in handy. All your academic work can go to waste if you are not in your correct state of mind. Your grades can begin to suffer if you don’t manage your stress. Once the first symptoms arise, take control. Don’t let it get out of control.

If you need to speak to someone about managing your stress while in school, please contact EBI at 607-729-8915 or come speak with one of our Academic Advisors. If you’re ready to take the next step toward a great career, contact EBI about our programs.



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