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  • Common Medical Assisting Misconceptions - Common Medical Assisting MisconceptionsTo the general public, the job of medical assistants is perceived as an odd mixture of administrative assistants, nurses, billing and coding technicians, and receptionists. While the medical assistant role does have a large variance of duties, it is distinct from these other occupations yet shares many of their characteristics. Medical assistants […]
  • Electronic Health Records – Current Trends - Electronic Health Record TrendsIn the healthcare field change is the only constant. The last ten years of healthcare reform have seen more change than ever before. In 2009 as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a federally mandated switch to fully electronic health records (EHR) was launched. The goal of the switch […]
  • Healthcare Careers Alternative to Medical Assisting - Healthcare Careers Alternative to Medical AssistingFast-paced, intensive, demanding, and rewarding are probably the top adjectives medical professionals would use to describe their jobs. Many medical professionals today begin their careers in entry-level positions such as the medical assistant role, and then move up to more advanced career positions. An entire career as a medical assistant […]
  • Medical Assistant Interviewing 101 - Medical Assistant Interviewing 101Medical assistants seeking first time employment will find the job hunting and hiring process quite similar to any other entry-level employment. You have to search for openings, submit your resume and go through at least one interview. Through EBI’s Medical Assisting program, you should be all set to create a thorough resume, […]
  • Medical Assisting: Working in a Hospital Compared to Clinic - Medical Assisting – Hospitals vs. ClinicsNo matter what type of medical facility in which medical assistants work, they have among the most diverse jobs in healthcare. There are, however, significant differences between medical assistants in hospital settings and medical assistants in clinic or individual practice settings. This is an important distinction for relatively new medical […]
  • Why Choose Medical Billing & Reimbursement Career - Why Choose the Medical Billing & Reimbursement CareerMedical billing and coding is a vital part of our healthcare system, despite public perceptions that it’s a bit of a dull desk job. The fact is that medical billing and coding specialists typically have a great quality of life. They’re in stable jobs in a continuously growing field, […]
  • What to Include on Your Medical Assisting Resume - What to Include on Your Medical Assisting ResumeMedical job applications are a bit different than applications in other industries. Like all other job applications, however, the most important part is the applicant’s resume. Medical resumes typically have more specialized, thorough skills sections, and because healthcare employers put more value on work experience, references are extremely […]
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Become an Accountant - Become an AccountantThe students enrolled at the Accounting Program at EBI can attest to this: Studying accounting is not like studying economics, psychology or history. Every course and each assignment builds on the previous courses and assignments. Accounting takes a certain type of person; one who thinks logically, with reason (and who reads this blog). […]
  • Staying Focused and Productive While in School - Staying Focused and Productive in SchoolStaying focused is a key element to success, especially in school. Nothing new to you, probably. With the added stresses of working throughout school and/or taking care of a family, staying focused and productive is a lot easier said than done. When you’re not focused, you’re not productive. When you’re […]
  • Earn an Accounting Associate Degree - Earn an Accounting Associate DegreeEarn your Accounting Associate Degree in as little as 16 months!Are you tired of working a string of dead-end jobs? Do you wish you could find a career that challenges you to use the mathematical skills you’ve worked hard to perfect? At EBI Career College, our accelerated, career-focused accounting degree program […]

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