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  • Where Can You Work With A Medical Coding & Billing Certificate - Where Can You Work with a Medical Billing & Coding Certificate?Are you ready to quit your dead-end job and finally start the healthcare career you’ve always wanted? If you want something that will allow you to use your organizational skills to keep a medical office running smoothly, perhaps you should consider a Medical Coding and Billing career. Bright […]
  • Managing Stress as a Business Student - Managing Stress as a Business Student It’s no secret that college requires more effort mentally than high school. With more demanding classes, harder schedules and intense workloads, you may end up experiencing stress as you learn to carry yourself through a fast paced curriculum.Common indicators that a student is experiencing increased stress are:Change of appetite or […]
  • Finding The Right Medical Assisting Degree Program - Finding The Right Medical Assisting Degree Program!If you’re looking for a career in the healthcare industry that allows you to assist both doctors and patients on a daily basis, perhaps you should consider a medical assistant career. Changing course in your career sometimes requires specialized training and you need to find a school that can […]
  • Medical Assisting Career Fulfilling And Challenging - Medical Assisting Career Fulfilling And ChallengingAre you ready to jump into a new career? The healthcare industry is on the rise and the medical assisting profession is growing like never before! If you’re looking for career-focused training so you can pursue a career as a medical assistant, look no further than Elmira Business Institute. Medical assistants […]
  • What to Include On Your Medical Billing & Reimbursement Resume - What to Include On Your Medical Billing & Reimbursement ResumeThe healthcare industry is booming, but while jobs are in-demand, competition is fierce. You have to make a good first impression before you ever get your foot in the door, and it begins with your resume.If you’re ready to sit down and put together a professional resume […]
  • Learn In The Medical Assistant Degree Program - Learn in the Medical Assistant Degree ProgramNow is a great time to find a career in the health care field. If you enjoy working with people and helping them feel better, a medical assistant career could be the perfect fit.The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that demand for qualified medical assistants will rise up to […]
  • Dos And Don’ts Of A Medical Assisting Job Interview - DOs and DON’Ts of a Medical Assisting Job InterviewIf you’re ready to start an actual career and leave the dead-end jobs behind you, Elmira Business Institute is the place to start. Part of what we do is helping you transition from training to your job search.We can help you prepare for a job interview, so […]
  • 5 Mistakes To Doom Your Medical Assisting Job Interview - 5 Mistakes To Doom Your Medical Assisting Job InterviewAs you near graduation, starting your job search can be intimidating, especially when it comes time for the dreaded face-to-face interview. You may not realize it, but it’s just as easy to over prepare for an interview as it is to under prepare.At Elmira Business Institute, our […]
  • Pursue Medical Assisting Certification - Pursue Medical Assisting CertificationWhy should you pursue Medical Assisting Certification?A medical assisting career can be as challenging as it is fulfilling. It’s a career that allows you to handle both clinical and administrative duties in a medical office. You can work with both doctors and patients to ensure greater health for your patients as well […]
  • Do You Have What It Takes? - 3 Traits You’ll Find in Successful Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs tend to have certain characteristics that others may not have. Starting your own business takes a lot of hard work, risk and sacrifice. The hours are long and there are constant daily challenges that you may have to deal with 24/7. When you think of successful entrepreneurs, people like […]

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