Deciding on a career path can be a bit overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Earning an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration can open doors to a vast range of occupations. Typically, Associate Degrees are offered as two-year programs at university business schools, community colleges and vocational schools. High school transcripts and SAT and ACT test scores may be required for admission to universities; however, career colleges and community colleges offer enrollment to students with a GED or high school diploma. For those seeking a more flexible schedule, some programs are offered part-time or online. Depending on the area of study, prospective students can earn either an Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.) or an Associate of Science Degree. (A.S.) Earning an Associate’s Degree in business may be all that is necessary to secure a job in the business world and qualifies candidates for entry-level careers in basic management and administrative roles in private, public and non-profit organizations. Associate Degree programs provide students with a foundation in business theory and technical skills. Many programs today emphasize classes in technology and computer programming to expand the skills necessary for jobs in data processing, bookkeeping, accounting, statistics and office administration. From major corporations to independent businesses, every operation needs skilled administrators who are motivated and organized. Although an Associate’s Degree in Business qualifies candidates for numerous career paths.

Human Resource Specialist, an associate’s degree in Human Resource Management, is a two-year program that trains students for entry-level careers in the areas of recruiting, training, benefits management or administration. Coursework will provide students with a strong understanding of vital duties involved with HR, as well as knowledge of basic management and business principles. The minimum admission requirement is a high school diploma or GED certificate. Prospective students can expect to experience hands-on training in the basic skills used in HR. Students will learn computer, communication and administrative skills, as well as the basics of compensation structures, benefits management, evaluation practices, labor law and employee development. Here is a list of course topics that may be covered as a part of your program:

Below is a list of jobs in the growing field of Human Resources: Recruiting Jobs, an associate’s degree in Human Resources, may qualify candidates to screen applicants and participate in the recruitment process of new employees. Other duties and responsibilities may include:

Jobs in the HR recruiting field include:

Training Jobs, an associate’s degree in Human Resources, qualifies candidates to work in the training department of HR. Job duties and responsibilities may include:

Jobs in the HR training field include:

Administrative JobsAn Associate’s Degree in Human Resources qualifies candidates to work in the administrative department of HR. There are many administrative functions within the HR department that require some knowledge of HR management. Job duties and responsibilities include:

Jobs in the HR administrative department include:


We hope this outline of prospective career opportunities for graduates with an Associate’s Degree has been an informative tool to help guide you toward a new career path.

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