Medical Office Assistant Career Resume

5 tips for your Medical Office Assistant career resume

As you near the end of your Medical Office Assistant training at Elmira Business Institute, you will have to turn your attention to the next stage in your new career: the job hunt. The whole process can be a little intimidating but there is a method to the madness.


The first thing you need to do to land a job interview is stand out and that begins with your resume and cover letter. This really is your first chance to make a good first impression. Don’t waste it by getting lost in the competitive shuffle.

Here are a few tips to help your Medical Office Assistant career resume stand out among your peers:

  1. Healthcare specific: Your resume should be industry specific and aimed directly at securing employment as a Medical Office Assistant. A healthcare centric resume shows a dedication to your field.
  2. Sell yourself: Don’t just list a string of responsibilities on your healthcare resume. Instead, describe the actual benefits and results of your accomplishments.
  3. Showcase your education and certifications: The level of your education and training can make a huge difference when being compared to other candidates. Certifications are a wonderful way to bolster your skill set.
  4. Keyword strong: Most hospitals and healthcare agencies use recruiting management software to screen candidate resumes. To increase your chances of matching up with an open position, use keywords that appear in medical office assistant job positions and those relevant to your field.
  5. Stay relevant: The healthcare field is rapidly evolving. Your resume should change as well to show you’re current with relevant technologies, policies and practices. Update your resume often. You never know when a great opportunity will come along!


Start your Medical Office Assistant career with training at EBI!

Now is a great time to start a career in the healthcare field. You can complete your Medical Office Assistant certificate program in as little as 8 months. To learn more about our how EBI can help you start a new career, contact us today! Just call 800-NEW START.

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