Why Choose the Medical Billing & Reimbursement Career

Medical billing and coding is a vital part of our healthcare system, despite public perceptions that it’s a bit of a dull desk job. The fact is that medical billing and coding specialists typically have a great quality of life. They’re in stable jobs in a continuously growing field, they get to work with other medical professionals to help save lives, and they enjoy an above-average lifestyle. Sounds pretty great, right? If you’re not convinced yet, or if you just haven’t been exposed to the profession, keep reading to discover the best reasons to work in medical billing and coding.

Help Save Lives without Medical School

There are many medical professionals in any healthcare facility that aren’t doctors, nurses, or graduates of a medical school – and all of them play a role in saving lives. Medical billers and coders are no exception. They play an integral part in our healthcare system as a whole. They log patients’ medical histories, handle insurance claims and payments, and help ensure patients receive the proper treatment. To a lot of medical billers and coders, one of the best aspects of the position is that they can help people without spending the eight to ten years and tens of thousands of dollars in medical school. The typical medical billing and coding program costs a fraction of medical school and takes between nine and eighteen months to complete.

Employment Opportunities Abound

Many new medical billers and coders primary concern is finding a job after completing a program. While a lot of the medical field is comprised of specialty positions, which would require professionals to likely travel to the nearest open specialty position, medical billing and coding is almost the opposite. Every hospital, clinic, nursing homes, administrative support centers, medical laboratories and more require medical billing and coding specialists. That a wide variety of healthcare organizations absolutely need these professionals means new medical billers and coders have a much higher potential of employment than other allied medical professionals. It also means medical billers and coders have the opportunity to work in a variety of environments, which keeps the job interesting. Plus, because the healthcare field is so dynamic, new billing and coding positions open quite frequently. And keep in mind that the more certifications a medical professional has, the more opportunities become available to them.

Quick-To-Start and In Demand

We’ve discussed how medical school isn’t necessary for medical billers and coders, which saves an enormous amount of money, but many people entering this field are more concerned with time. EBI’s Medical Billing and Coding Certificate program can be completed in 12 months and the Medical Billing and Reimbursement Specialist Associate Degree program in 16 months. Compared to eight years in undergraduate school and medical school combined, allied health careers like medical billing and coding are easily the quicker option to entering healthcare. That’s why the position is growing so fast, because people see the value in investing a small amount of time to achieve lasting career-making results. Medical billers and coders are also highly in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the position to grow by 15 percent through 2024, much higher than the national average. Aging population, ever-changing healthcare industry, and governmental reform are just some of the causes for demand, all of which show no signs of slowing.

The reasons laid out here are just a few of the most popular benefits to choosing a career in medical billing and coding. As the demand for these specialists, along with other allied health professions, continue to rise, the benefits and advantages of the position will continue to expand. Now is a great time to start earning a medical billing and coding certification or associate degree. Future opportunities in the healthcare field for medical billers and coders has never looked so promising.

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