Medical Coding Resume

Five Mistakes to Avoid on your Medical Coding Resume

Your job resume is often a potential employers first chance to form an opinion of your value as an employee. Easily avoidable mistakes can cost you dearly, even if you are the most qualified candidate for a Medical Coding job.

Our Career Services staff is on hand to help you from the moment you enroll, through and beyond graduation. One of the services we offer is resume assistance. Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to write a resume. Here are five easily fixable mistakes to avoid on your Medical Coding resume:

  1. Bad Grammar: The best way to make a bad first impression is for your Medical Coding and Billing resume to be filled with grammatical, punctuation, and/or spelling errors. Proofread your resume. Get a fresh set of eyes to proofread it as well. Always better safe than sorry.
  2. Rambling: If you say too much about yourself, that’s all the employer is going to remember. Keep your resume short and sweet. Use bullet points to hit key points about your experience and the skills you want to stand out.
  3. Not healthcare-centric: If you’re applying for a job as a Medical Biller, Coder, and/or Reimbursement Specialist, your resume needs to be tailored to that specific job title. This shows you are dedicated to finding a position in this field, even if you’re looking around for fallback options.
  4. Failure to highlight skills: Your resume needs to highlight what makes you a superior candidate over someone else. It should be a summary of how your skills, education and experience can best help a medical facility.
  5. No Cover Letter: Not every employer is going to read your cover letter, but they are important to have “just in case”. A good cover letter fills in the blanks where your resume just highlights your strengths as a candidate. Make sure you write a new and different cover letter for each employer. Yes, they can tell the difference in a freshly written letter and one you’ve been copy and pasting.


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