Types Of Medical Assistant Careers

What are the different types of Medical Assistant careers?

There is good news if you’ve ever considered a career in healthcare as a medical assistant. First, it’s a position that is in demand, thanks to the growth of the aging baby-boom population. Second, just about all medical environments can use a skilled and qualified healthcare worker to help with clinical and administrative duties. There are three types of medical assistants:

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Medical assistants are in demand!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of medical assistants is expected to increase 29% by 2022**, making it one of the fastest growing occupational industries.

The primary responsibility of an administrative medical assistant is managing the front desk operations of a healthcare facility. They also serve a role that requires them to provide customer service when working with patients, as well as administrative support for medical facility staff, allowing their team to provide care to patients.

The role of a clinical medical assistant is similar to that of an administrative assistant, but their responsibilities lie more on the clinical side of healthcare. Clinical assistants work more one on one with patients, assisting in exams. There are still some administrative tasks but the focus is mainly providing direct care to patients.

The responsibilities of a specialized medical assistant depend on a few factors: your area of specialization, the size of the practice and the size of your healthcare support team. Specialized training allows you to work more directly with patients and physicians. You may choose from a number of specialty fields, including:

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