Medical Assistant Classes 

Medical assistants are in high demand. Because of the stability, benefits, and rewarding nature of such a career, you may have decided to become a medical assistant yourself. Yet, you may still be wondering what types of medical assistant classes you will be required to take in order to complete a related degree or diploma. Below, we will discuss three key areas of focus in a comprehensive medical assistant training program.


Medical Assistant Classes at EBI


Health Science

Like most careers in healthcare, medical assisting requires a background in the health sciences. Typical health science courses include anatomy and physiology, disease and pathology, and pharmacology. These classes will not only help you better understand patient conditions — they will enable you to more easily communicate with nurses and physicians.


Patient Care

The information learned in your health science classes will directly apply to many of your courses in patient care, as these courses will explain how to check vital signs, draw blood, and assist with routine screenings and physical exams. Furthermore, courses under this umbrella may also bring awareness to the various cultural perspectives on illness and caregiving. Another area addressed in patient care courses is charting and recordkeeping, a practice closely tied to office administration.


Office Administration

Classes in office administration demonstrate how medical facilities are organized and operated. In such courses, you will receive an overview of everything from scheduling to electronic medical records, insurance coding and billing, healthcare privacy laws, and clerical accounting. This knowledge will prepare you to manage the front desk and locate information for nurses and physicians.


Enroll in Medical Assistant Classes at EBI

If the above disciplines pique your interest, you should consider enrolling in a local medical assisting program. At EBI, you can complete an associate degree in medical assisting in as little as 16 weeks with a full-time course load. EBI’s program will qualify you to sit for the certification exam given by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Contact EBI’s Vestal campus at 607-729-8915 to learn more about our school’s medical assistant classes and how they can further your career.


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