Where Can You Work With A Medical Assistant Certificate

Careers in the healthcare industry are more abundant than ever. And with technology advancing more rapidly each year, the demand for certified Medical Assistants is only going to increase. Hospitals, health clinics, health Practitioners, and specialty clinics across the board will be looking for educated and skilled health care professionals to fill jobs.



Get on the fast track to one of the fastest growing occupational industries with a Medical Assisting Certification from EBI, a 12-month program that includes general and specialized courses to help you develop the technological, communications, and decision-making skills employers are seeking when looking to add a valuable member their health care family.

What does a Medical Assistant do after graduation?

You will play an important part in the everyday function of a health care clinic. Duties vary depending on where you land, but you will be working side by side with doctors and assisting patients. You will take pride in knowing you are working to make a real difference, and because the health care industry is growing as fast as it is, you’ll enjoy job security for years.


Do Certified Medical Assistants have career options?

There has never been a better time to be a Medical Assistant. It’s a thriving profession that offers many destinations. You can tailor you education to determine which course your career path takes by choosing from a wide variety of career specialties, all of which will be looking for trained medical professionals:


Possible destinations for a certified medical assistant include:


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Now is a great time to start a career in the healthcare field. You can complete your certification in as little as 12 months. To learn more about our Medical Assisting Certificate program in Elmira and Vestal, NY, call 800-NEW START.

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