Managing Stress as a Business Student


It’s no secret that college requires more effort mentally than high school. With more demanding classes, harder schedules and intense workloads, you may end up experiencing stress as you learn to carry yourself through a fast paced curriculum.

Common indicators that a student is experiencing increased stress are:

Don’t make the assumption that stress in college is bad. Learning to manage stress while in business school, gives you the advantage of being able to better deal with stress in your career field. There are several proven, stress and anxiety management skills that can help not only in your student life but in your chosen profession after college.

Business Student Stress Management Techniques

Time Management

The easiest way to manage and reduce stress is to be aware of time and due dates. While there are people that work well under pressure, procrastination is not an ideal way to complete work and projects to the best of your ability. Putting off assignments and projects until the last minute creates more stress than simply beginning them in a timely manner.

Be Well Rested

Exhaustion is a huge impairment on academic and work potential. Worrying about your own performance is a source of stress that is entirely preventable. Having an adequate amount of sleep increases productivity and performance.

Invest In an Outlet

Find a hobby. Start a journal. Play sports. Increase physical activity with exercise. All of these are ways to calm you, release energy and put you into a better frame of mind to easily tackle the next day ahead.

Today is the day to exercise your skills in stress management and become a business student at EBI Career College. We pride ourselves on promoting a stress free environment and learning atmosphere, where we teach you essential skills in business management and operations. To learn more about how you can become a student, call 607-729-8915.

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