Academic Support & Tutoring

Extra help when you need it.

The faculty at EBI is committed to your academic and professional success. They work hard to make sure that you understand the course material and often double as academic advisors and mentors. We’ve also developed a tutoring program, just in case you need extra help.

Academic Advising
EBI’s Student Faculty Advisement Program was implemented to provide each student with a mentoring faculty member as an advisor. The faculty advisor is assigned by your chosen program. All advisement meetings scheduled between the student and teacher are documented. This program ensures that students may discuss their career objectives, educational goals, and development of life skills with their advisor in an informal atmosphere.

Students may also seek advice on financial aid, attendance, course registration, and personal issues. Student attendance is monitored on a weekly basis so that attendance problems are discovered early. Students with excessive absences are contacted and consulted on the benefits of maintaining satisfactory attendance.

Faculty members and the Director also schedule advisement meetings at the midpoint of every semester to provide guidance to those students who are not achieving passing grades in one or more of their courses. Students who are on academic probation or who are failing two or more courses meet with the Director individually.

If you feel you need extra help in any of your courses, we encourage you to go to your instructors who are available and willing to help. You may also take advantage of the free peer tutoring services offered. Tutors (faculty members) are available on an as-needed basis. Tutoring dates and times are posted outside each classroom. The Administration maintains a record of tutoring sessions.

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