This week is officially known as Administrative Professionals Week. Administrative Professionals Day (also known as National Secretaries Day) takes place on Wednesday, April 21st. This holiday has been celebrated ever since the International Association of Administrative Professionals held the first National Secretaries Day in 1952. Offices all over the world have acknowledged this day to recognize and appreciate all of the hard work carried out by administrative professionals and the tremendous potential of a secretarial career.

A lot of businesses and offices depend on administrative professionals because they play a pivotal role in many organizations. Today, this day/week has become one of the largest workplace observations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were a total of 3,947,100 secretarial and administrative assistant jobs in the US in 2012, with an expected 12% increase in the job outlook from 2012-2022.

Here at EBI, we offer our students an opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge to be successful in a career as an office assistant. Working in the business world as an administrative professional can be a very dynamic career choice, as the job changes with the different needs of a specific job or employer.

Do you consider yourself as a people person and very organized? If so, you can train to become a key member in an office. If you should choose to enroll in the General Office Assistant program at EBI, you will be trained to work in a modern office, working with highly technical materials. You will plan and enter complicated statistical tables, combine and rearrange materials from different sources, or prepare master copies to be reproduced. There are many other job responsibilities that you’ll receive training in, such as using equipment to record, edit, store, and revise letters, memos, reports, statistical tables, forms and other printed materials.

Some additional tasks and skills that are covered in the General Office Assistant courses at EBI include: