General Accounting Degree

Five surprising industries you can work in with a General Accounting degree

An accounting career can be as narrow or as diverse as you see it. It is an occupational field that is integrated into nearly every business. If you’ve ever considered a career in accounting, but you don’t want to be a “number cruncher” working in an even less interesting industry, there is good news.

There are plenty of fun and exciting industries that lie outside what you may think of when you think about accounting jobs. These industries need trained and certified career accountants as much as anyone else. Here are a few fields that may pique your interest.

Accounting software development

The accounting industry is advancing as fast as technology. In the IT world, accountants are needed to support a software company’s team, including helping with billing and time tracking duties.

Environmental Accounting

As the world “goes green” around us, companies are scrambling to maintain profitability while transitioning to more eco-friendly codes and regulations. Most of these accounting positions lie with larger companies and include acting as a consultant for industrial byproducts and overseeing construction of green buildings.

Sports Accounting

Money is almost a game in and of itself in the sports industry. There is a lot of big money being thrown around in most professional sports organizations. Teams have to factor in player salaries, TV contracts, concessions, ticket sales, and merchandising in order to keep their finances balanced.

Entertainment Accounting

Take your love of numbers to the stars as an entertainment accountant. You can find work with a movie or television studio helping, among other things, to balance production budgets. This field also extends into the music industry, the gaming industry and the world of television news and radio stations.

Forensic Accounting

If the only thing that matches your passion for numbers is fighting crime, you can find employment as a forensic accountant. In this field, you can work hand and hand with law enforcement officials investigating white-collar crimes like money laundering, embezzlement, and tracking money flows to illegal organizations. It’s almost like being a superhero but your super power is being good with numbers.

At Elmira Business Institute, we offer a General Business Accounting certificate program, which can prepare you for a career in accounting in as little as 8 months. Upon completion, you can qualify to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination.

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Now is a great time to start a career in the accounting field. You can complete your certificate program in as little as 8 months. To learn more about our General Business Accounting degree program in Elmira and Vestal, NY, call 800-NEW START.

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